Bethlehem Lutheran Church Sun Prairie, WI

Bible Classes

Bible Class Opportunities 

Monday Mornings at 9:00am

“Pre-Game” with Pastor Steve – Have you ever sat in church on a Sunday morning, listened to the scripture readings and thought, “What the heck does that mean?” Sometimes it may be hard to find the common thread between the two or three lessons read during the worship services. Come join our growing group with a perfect way to start each new week. Our Monday morning Bible class looks at the upcoming Scriptures and takes time to consider the theme and personal application. Our conversations are often unpredictable, regularly entertaining, and also lead us to a place where we can find the “sweet spot” of God’s love and grace for our lives. Join the conversation on Monday mornings at 9am.

Thursday Mornings at 9:30am

Revelation We are trekking through the crazy, symbol-imposing and question-creating book of Revelation. This wild, otherworldly book may just seem a bit too strange and scary for your liking. But if you are able to truly grasp what John intends as he writes this book, you will discover incredible comfort. We’re digging deep into the word to find the encouragement and comfort God provides for the Church today. This is an especially relevant conversation in a decreasingly Christian culture. Come join the discussion on Thursday’s in the church library at 9:30am.

Friday Mornings at 6:00am

Men’s Bible Study with Pastor Steve – Our Friday morning crew is focusing on the early Christian church. Come with your Bible in hand as we read and study.  Join a great group of guys for Christian encouragement, accountability, and prayer.  We know it’s early (6am in the library) but the coffee is hot and we have open chairs to fill!